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Overnight Trip to Cordoba

Thanks to John Winstanley for this wonderful review of our trip to Cordoba.

We were treated to an extremely interesting visit to Cordoba in the exceptional company or tour guide Miranda.
From the moment of our pick up to drop off she gave us all the information along the way Lover's Rock and during the whole tour.
Local guide Laura delighted us with a walk about from 5-7pm on day one to places we would have easily have missed down back alley ways and parts of buildings we may not have ventured into otherwise.
We took her advice to sample local tapas and Helen and I were so impressed by the food,drink, hospitality (and very reasonable prices) of the Pecking Cockerel (5 mins walk from the hotel) that we went back during down time before boarding the bus home.
By far the most lasting impressions of Cordoba is the uniqueness of the Mezquita which we visited on day two - the blend of Muslim, Jew and Christian religions in one building is a testament to the foresight of the success generations of the early rulers of this magnificent city. 
The continued successful preservation of the treasures it houses is due to the religious tolerance of its people (at times over one million) who were accepting of religious diversity by embracing one culture. There is a lesson we can all take from that history.
The visit to private patio gardens helped impress upon us the pride the people have in their community competitions. Using only a small can to water the flora and fauna the have kept this tradition going since 1922.

Incredible value for money in the company of 26 like minded people over some 32 hours in a wonderful ancient gem in the Andalusia crown.

The guides were always available for anything any of us needed help with and the hotel met every expectation and was perfectly positioned in the centre of the best part of the city.

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